Pricing should be transparent and fair.

We simply charge a percentage of the Advertising Sales that we generate for you.

If you win, we win. If you lose, we lose.

No minimum charges. No set-up fees.

DeepCliq pricing


1) We encourage you to try out additional channels! We manage up to 5 products for free on every channel. For instance, if you actively advertise on 2 channels and you try out 4 products on a new, 3rd channel you will be billed as if you’re using 2 channels only. This means your actual costs will be slightly lower than indicated above.

2) While we don’t have a formal minimum volume, our algorithms need an advertising spend of about €1,000 / month to work well. Below that we cannot take any responsibility for the DeepCliq results.

3) For large accounts (>100k€ advertising sales / mnth) we have a separate pricing plan. Please, do feel free to contact us.